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Radiation Equipment Guidance

Dental practices operating in the state of Texas with x-rays must register that equipment with both the FDA and the state using an authorized dental radiation company such as Hewitt Dental Inc. Our team is led by a degreed Electrical Engineer possessing the technical knowledge needed. We also own the specialized x-ray measuring equipment and possess the license needed to perform the periodic Equipment Performance Evaluations (EPE) required by the state of Texas. Typical x-ray equipment used in a dental practice includes one or more periapical wall or portable units and a panoramic or 3D/pan device with or without a cephalometric. Once the equipment is registered, your facility is added to a regular inspection cycle administered by the state of Texas.

We don’t use scare tactics to drive business. The state of Texas does NOT require dental offices to perform EPE testing on every x-ray once every year. Our engineers will educate you on the compliance requirements of your particular dental practice to conform to Texas requirements. That said, there are numerous important details dentists must be aware of and tasks to keep up with. Violations and fines can be significant ranging from simple warnings to full legal cease and desist orders applied to practices. These details are laid out anytime x-rays are purchased from us and/or if a customer signs up for our ongoing service program. Our service options are available ala carte from the below menu:

  • Equipment regulatory compliance reminder system
  • X-ray compliance booklet
  • Quality assurance/quality control compliance
  • Staff training
  • Inspection response consulting

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