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New Office

Our new office design team leverages our deep and extensive knowledge base on the interaction of dental equipment with both the building it occupies and the professionals that use it for dentistry. The new office team is composed of degreed engineers and factory trained technicians with many years of dental equipment experience. We focus on the key aspects of space optimization, utilities planning, and the operational logistics within a practice. Other aspects are left to expert local resources partnering with you to provide the best outcomes available.

For every project, we provide:

  • A project plan built around key construction milestones
  • Detailed equipment specifications available on a project folder online
  • Positive, problem solving approach to collaboration with project team
  • A guarantee of proper fit of the dental equipment to the plans/utilities
  • Critical equipment loaners such as autoclaves, air compressors and vacuums
  • Multiple training sessions for doctors and staff on equipment use and care
  • Combinations of new and preowned/demo equipment as available when necessary

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