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Gendex GXPS-500 Digital X-Ray Phosphor Plate System

Gendex GXPS-500 Digital X-Ray Phosphor Plate System
Brand: Gendex
Product Code: GXPS-500
Availability: In Stock
All of the gain. None of the processing pain.
Your practice can fast track into digital imaging with the speedy, compact GXPS-500 PSP.* Acquire clear, sharp images and gain fast digital scanning while keeping the office’s familiar workflow process and preserving your past investment in x-ray equipment, whether its AC or DC.
Flexible and thin, wireless PSP plates match the sizes and are positioned in the same manner as traditional film. In an instant, imaging plates are converted and cleared for re-use, and digital images are ready for review and diagnosis. With the GXPS-500, you’ll efficiently eliminate the cost, time, and messiness associated with traditional film processing and effectively advance your practice’s technology.
Affordable Alternative
Replace the cost and inconvenience of the film processor with reusable, long-lasting PSP imaging plates. A touchless end-to-end workflow keeps plates protected, decontaminated, and performing dependably time-aftertime. The system scans and delivers images for intraoral (0, 1, 2, 3) sizes in seconds, successfully imaging patients of all sizes and all types of anatomies. High-quality digital images can be shared over a network, making this PSP particularly economical for large practices. The GXPS-500 comes with a full set of accessories, including 18 imaging plates, protective covers, hygienic bags and a plate storage box. Optional cutting-edge Gendex VixWin™ Platinum software let’s you further enhance your digital radiology capabilities.
Fast, Familiar Workflow
Ready to work virtually out-of-the-box, the GXPS-500 installs and integrates easily and requires minimal training. Your staff will appreciate the simplicity of its film-like workflow and the immediate benefits of reliable, consistent digital image output. A speedy, 5 to 7-second image readout time accelerates the entire process, delivering highly diagnostic digital images to any PC while reducing wait-time for all. As a sharp, clear image appears on screen, an auto-erase feature simultaneously clears the plate for the next reading. With no film to duplicate, digital images are easily shared and stored and readily available for review, archive or email.
Chemical-Free, Hassle-Free Images
Reliably capture consistently clear images in full daylight, without any of the worries of over- or underexposure. The GXPS-500 features reusable phosphor plates that slip into a protective cover and a hygienic barrier. This touchless system safeguards against scratches and fingerprints to promote long plate life. The quick and easy SmartFeed™ loading system minimizes errors by guiding correct plate orientation and eliminating the risk of lost or low-quality images due to incorrect feeding. During processing, plates are cleared and ready for immediate re-use in seconds. With no chemicals to use, store, replace, and dispose, you’ll find the GXPS-500 a faster, smarter, and safer option for your office, your staff, and the environment.

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