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Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph OP300

Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph OP300
Brand: Instrumentarium
Product Code: OP300
Availability: In Stock
ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP300 is the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform designed for today and tomorrow. OP300 combines an advanced panoramic imaging system with either cephalometric or cone beam 3D or a combination of both, giving you a truly adaptable platform. In addition, all of these options can be upgraded in the field after the initial purchase.
Gold Standard Image Quality
Image quality is a result of many elements, such as the carefully planned features, chosen technology and sufficient technical characteristics of the system, along with proper patient positioning.
  • Stable and open patient positioning
  • Latest sensor technology
  • Complete usability
  • Multilayer pan
Confident Diagnosis
Two fields-of-view combined with integrated motorized chin rest enable free FOV positioning within maxillofacial area. This ensures multiple different modalities from 3D TMJ analysis into implant planning with drilling guides.
  • Two available fields of view with 3D option
  • Two available resolutions
  • Metal artifact reduction (MAR) tool
  • Smartview positioning assistance
Unsurpassed Cephalometric Results
A scanning cephalometric option combined with a powerful X-ray generator and tube head offers unsurpassed visibility of tracing key reference points for orthodontic treatment planning.
  • Fully adjustable scanning

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