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Gendex GXDP-700 Series Digital Panoramic X-Ray Systems

Gendex GXDP-700 Series Digital Panoramic X-Ray Systems
Brand: Gendex
Product Code: GXDP-700
Availability: In Stock
This dynamic system starts with a robust 2-D digital panoramic system with sophisticated styling and an ergonomic design including an advanced touch screen interface. The GXDP-700 is a modular system, upgradable from 2-D panoramic to cephalometrics or 3-D cone beam SFOV, or both. As you need it, increase your imaging capabilities to complement general preventative care, extractions, implants, endodontics, and orthodontics. You have the freedom to upgrade on your timeline and within your budget for seamless and affordable expansion.
  • SmartMotion™ – Adaptable motion to compensate for anatomical curvatures optimizes image quality
  • EasyPosition™  – Easy-access column controls, sturdy chin support, balanced and comfortable handgrips, fully-adjustable head support, laser alignment lights for accurate positioning
  • 33 pan projections, 11 selections for three patient sizes
  • 15 2-D ceph projections, 5 selections for three patient sizes
  • Ceph upgrade offers a movable single sensor or time-saving dual sensors
  • Adjustable exposure – ability to customize dose within allotted range
  • GXDP-700 – Panoramic System
  • GXDP-700 C – Panoramic and Cephalometric System
  • GXDP-700 S – Panoramic and 3D CBCT System
  • GXDP-700 SC – Panoramic, 3D CBCT, and Cephalometric System

3D CBCT Features

  • Utilize for diagnosis and treatment of endodontic, surgical, and implant procedures
  • PerfectScout™ – Easily target the exact region of interest
  • Totally integrated implant solutions – Use the scan to plan with multiple implant brands and for CAD/CAM applications, such as surgical guides and milled restorations

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