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Bien-Air Lubricare Automatic Maintenance System

Bien-Air Lubricare Automatic Maintenance System
Brand: Bien-Air
Product Code: Lubricare
Availability: In Stock
SPECIAL OFFER (Expires December 31, 2014)
Buy 1 Lubricare Automatic Maintenance System (includes 2 electric couplers), get 1 bottle of Spraynet cleaner and 1 bottle of Lubrifluid Lubricant FREE! $2850 (save $1316) 
Quick, simple, and economical - this perfectly sums up the Lubricare maintenance device, when used with Bien-Air's Spraynet and Lubrifluid products, with each spray specifically designed for a phase in the maintenance cycle: Spraynet, for dissolving impurities and cleaning the instrument both inside and out, and Lubrifluid, for effective lubrication of instruments.
Lubricare and Bien-Air maintenance sprays support the daily use of your instruments, guaranteeing impeccable maintenance, optimal operation, and an extended service life.
  • Up to four instruments per cleaning cycle
  • 25 seconds per cleaning cycle, per instrument
  • Choice of normal or intensive cleaning/lubrication modes
  • Accepts turbines, contra angles, and handpieces
  • 5 times more economical than manual maintenance, allowing 400 maintenance cycles with 1 bottle of Spraynet and 1 bottle of Lubrifluid
  • An extraction system removes oil vapors, while a collector absorbs the excess lubricant to ensure a cleaner working area and improved hygiene
  • Lubricant detector monitors system status and detects low lubricant levels
  • Compatible with E-type coupling and 4- or 5-way turbine coupling
  • Runs on 100-240V of AC power, 50/60 Hz 
  • Requires 0.3-0.5 MPa, 0.35 recommended

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