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Bien-Air iChiropro Implantology System

Bien-Air iChiropro Implantology System
Brand: Bien-Air
Product Code: iChiropro
Availability: In Stock
Price: $7,395.00
SPECIAL OFFER (Expires December 31, 2014)
Purchase an iChiropro set and get a FREE iPad Air Wi-Fi (16 GB).
iChiropro from Bien-Air is a revolutionary implantology system. 
This new device, with an iPad as a user interface and equipped with the best performing instruments on the market, paves the way for a new generation of medical appliances. Simple to use, the intuitive, ergonomic application ensures significant time savings during operations. This devices offers the complete pre-programmed operating sequences from the largest implant manufacturers, the integration of your patient files and a number of options for customisation. 
iChiropro from Bien-Air is an ultra-high performance implantology system which offers unrivalled ease of use. 
Multiple users with storage of settings for each practitioner, it offers the complete pre-programmed operating sequences from the largest implant manufacturers. These can be customised to suit the needs of each user. The iChiropro offers the option to save and export the operating parameters, whilst documenting them with the patient data.
iChiropro controls the highest performance micromotor on the market. The high torque of the Bien-Air MX-i LED micromotor offers you unrivalled working comfort, at high and low speeds. In addition, its ceramic ball bearings, which are lubricated for life, guarantee you exceptional service life and reliability, with no maintenance required. The new 20:1 L Micro-Series contra-angle fits into our internal irrigation system, working smoothly and efficiently. It is also equipped with one of the smallest heads ever designed, and a double LED system for uniform lighting regardless of the speed of rotation.
iChiropro is pre-programmed for the following implant systems:
  • Nobel Biocare 
  • Straumann 
  • Thommen Medical 
  • Camlog 
  • Bredent 
  • Euroteknika 
  • Bti 
  • BioHorizons 
  • MIS 
  • Neoss 
  • Densply Implants 
  • Dio 
  • Biomet 3i 
  • Zimmer
iChiropro kit includes: 
  • 1 iChiropro control
  • 1 Micro-Series CA 20:1 L contra angle with light
  • 1 MX-i LED micromotor
  • 1 MX-i LED micromotor cable
  • 1 three-button pedal
  • Set of 10 sterile single-use irrigation lines 
  • 10 irrigation line clips
  • 2 sterile protective films for iPad
  • 1 bracket
  • 1 support 
  • 1 Swiss network cable 
  • 1 Europe network cable 
  • 1 Asia/USA network cable 
  • 1 support for iPad 4 
  • 1 Torx ® screwdriver

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