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DentalEZ EverLight LED

DentalEZ EverLight LED
Brand: DentalEZ
Product Code: EverLight LED
Availability: In Stock
SPECIAL OFFER (Expires December 31, 2014)
Buy 4 EverLights, get 1 FREE!
DentalEZ is the first in the U.S. to design an operating light with 100% true direct LED technology. EverLight enables you to work with more precise, direct light without the need for reflectors or fans. Plus, it’s cool, quiet, and environmentally friendly.
  • Natural daylight illumination provides clearer oral cavity visibility
  • Nine color/intensity settings to meet all your operative needs, including color matching
  • Consumes 70% less energy than halogens
  • Lasts ten times longer than halogens
  • Available in six mounting options
  • Revolutionary, affordable LED technology
  • Three Kelvin color temperatures, three Lux intensity settings 
  • Twelve Philips luminated LEDs maximize light output resulting in brighter, more efficient LED
  • Available in six mounting configurations
  • Focused light pattern provides proper color corrective light for all procedures
  • 3-year warranty with 6 years on the light engine (switches, LED, driver, lens/LED)

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