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X-ray Calibration & EPE

X-ray Calibration & EPE

The Equipment Performance Evaluation (EPE) is required by the state of Texas and most other states on a periodic basis. The purpose of the EPE is to ensure that your x-ray machine is not causing unnecessary radiation to the general public and the technician operators. Enforcement actions for non-compliance can be severe and in some cases may lead to revocation of the right to utilize x-ray equipment in the facility. In the state of Texas, licensed service companies like Hewitt Dental, Inc #R20331, may perform the EPE procedure according to the following stated intervals:

  • Dental - 4 Years
  • Veterinary - 5 Years (On Demand)*


* Veterinary x-ray machines must still have an EPE to ensure proper operation when requested by the state either via a "remote inspection form", or upon the initial installation of the equipment. This means you must have a copy of your EPE on hand. Unscheduled state inspections still apply. Noncompliance often results in enforcement measures.


An example of the EPE form required by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services should be generated electronically for you by Hewitt Dental and is available as a PDF for download.


Hewitt Dental utilizes state of the art Unfors x-ray meters to perform state mandated equipment performance evaluations on dental imaging equipment. Our trained x-ray technicians will perform, record and submit the measurements to the relevant state authorities as directed by state law. Our trained service techs can also advise our clients on the best course of action in the case an intraoral x-ray, panoramic, or cone beam system fails the EPE test.


Our standard pricing is as follows:

  • Dental (address in service area) - $125.50 (single), $115.60 each (two units), $105.75 each (three or more units); Pan units - $120; Pan-Ceph units - $195 (Discounts available for multiple offices in one day)
  • Veterinary Clinics (in service area) - $125.00


Discounted pricing is available to existing Hewitt Dental customers - please call.


Minor adjustmentes or repairs (not including any parts) to bring units into compliance are free of charge. If the unit cannot feasibily be brought into compliance and must be replaced, we credit the EPE charge for that unit against the purchase of a new x-ray from Hewitt Dental.

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