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Practice Management Software

We offer and support both Open Dental and XLDent as two of the best options available in the marketplace today. These systems support just about any device or imaging software you would want to use and have been fully certified for Electronic Health Records (EHR). They are easy to support and are less computer resource hungry than Dentrix. You won't be forced to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade your PCs after only a couple of years just to keep your practice management system on the latest version. Most importantly, you have full access to the database - not only the fields your software dealer allows. Open Dental, for example, uses a MySQL database that permits you to have secure access to every field in the database. The packages we sell are feature rich and require no sacrifice vis-a-vis Dentrix and at thousands of dollars less. Is this too good to be true - no! Let our consultants explain which of the two is better suited to your needs.

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Open Dental
Open dental practice management software is the most extensive and economical system on the marke..